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Jake Gyllenhall is the fresh Prince. Of Persia.

November 5, 2009

First up, there is a Prince of Persia movie. Second up, it looks pretty much like the game, only more Assassin’s Creed-ish.

And, finally, it has Ben Kingsley and a cool killer snake!

Also Alfred Molina. From what I could see in the trailer, it seemed like it had elements from Indiana Jones, Assassin’s Creed, Lord of the Rings and for some unfathomable reason, 10,000 B.C(which is supposedly really really funny)

It stars Jake ‘I will not do Spiderman and insult my artistic integrity’ Gyllenhaal and he deserves a sucky middle name like that as well as Gemma Arterton who was last seen as Strawberry Fields in the last James Bond movie. Yes. So I’m thinking this is pretty much something you can look forward to, because unlike in 300, the male leads in this one can probably do more than just shout and the female leads probably have something of a role. Other than that, it looks just about as golden/bronze as 300. Pretty good CGI, though.

Posting trailer! If you have a sucky internet connection like mine, expect about 15 minutes for complete buffering thingy.

Also, coming to stuff that is awesomer, has launched a youtube channel! And it is funny, mostly. Here is hilarious Zach ‘Hangover’ Galifianakis interviewing Natalie Portman and her dog. ‘V for Vendetta’ indeed :D

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  1. Achintya permalink
    November 5, 2009 6:47 pm

    Thanks for letting me know about PoP. Looks awesome. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. And I have nothing to say about the Portman video. No, really. Nothing.

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