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ELIZA, Gateway and Stinky Pete.

November 10, 2009

Eliza was a comuter shrink invented a long long time ago, like when my parents were kids. ELIZA is considered as the first chatter-bot. Basically, ELIZA was a parody on regular shrinks and would basically re-phrase everything the user typed in and turn it into a question that it would pose to the user again.

A general conversation would basically proceed as such:

Eliza: “What is your name?”

You: “Name”

Eliza: “What might be the problem?”

You: “My dog hates me and my pillow talks to me at night”


Definite issues and really bad photo editing.

Eliza: “Have you experienced hate from anyone other than your dog and talk from anyone other than your pillow?”

You: “Probably”

Eliza: “That is interesting. Do you think your dog hates you for a reason and your pillow talks to you for a reason?”

You: “I suppose.”

Eliza: “Why do you suppose?”

You: “What do you mean ‘why do I suppose’? I suppose because I can!”

Eliza: “That is interesting. What else can you suppose?”

You: “WHAT?!”

Eliza: “Interesing. And how does supposing ‘WHAT?!’ make you feel?”

And on and on and in a similar vein. Yes. The interesting part is that users actually believed ELIZA could help them and did even share problems with ELIZA.

But coming back, I only recently read a book called Gateway, which had a very cool robo-shrink name Sigfrid. Gateway is about an alien installation in space that was left behind by a mysterious race of aliens who vanished. The Gateway was found by humans and they started using the alien technology or whatever they understood of the alien technology and spawned a whole new job of ‘space prospecting’



because the aliens have also left behind space ships that can take you to places you don’t know. Leading either to death or to untold riches.

Possibly one of the best books I have read in recent times, it also has black holes! Recommend that you should read. Brilliant, brilliant book.

Yes, that is about it for now.

Also, Toy Story 3, coming soon! :D

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  1. Isa permalink
    November 10, 2009 4:27 pm

    I remember Eliza. :D she gives awesome answers doesn’t she? :P

    Gateway. Who wrote?

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