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King Khan, man.

November 13, 2009

Yeah. Not this guy:

No shirt, no baggage, no towel, no cry

And you would balk if I were to say it is this guy:

Monty doing it full well

But it is that guy, the one with the blue snake tattooed to his chest. I know what you perverts were staring at, ah well. That guy, with the snake on chest, is King Khan. King Khan is this dude who is in this band called King Khan and the BBQ Show along with this other guy called Mark Sultan. They make crazy music and are really pretty awesome.  I just got done listening to the album and it was some of the funnest 32 or so minutes of music I have heard in recent times. They have a sound, to be sure and it is horribly good. I mean it makes me want to dance and be all happy about everything. Very enjoyable, it sounds like 50’s pop had a child with 70’s punk and was mixed in the 2000’s. Horribly addictive. King Khan also has another band called King Khan and the Shrines, I shall post more about them as well.

The album I am talking about, is called The King Khan and BBQ Show. It is brilliant, as I said. Yeah. That is really it. You can check out a couple of tracks over here:

Also a few music videos. They make horribly good music! I swear they do! And they’re supposed to be real beasts, live, as well. Hopefully some day I might be able to check them out.

Such nice Indian boys!

Yeah. Is all. Later!

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