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Songs via picturez

November 29, 2009

So a picture is worth a thousand words or so, right? So I’m going to depict songs via pictures. It might or might not be successful, but I am having fun doing it and that is all that matters. The first song we will sample is called Big Hard Sun. Most of us have heard this if we have been fans of Eddie Vedder or if we have watched the movie ‘Into the Wild’.

It is a pretty kick ass song.

The song was originally written by this guy called Indio or Gordon Peterson, and it came out in his album ‘Big Harvest’. Big Harvest was released in 1989 and features a ton of beautiful musicians, ranging from Dr. L Subramaniam(super-mondo-violinist) and Joni Mitchell(super-mondo-guitarist as well as singer-songwriter. super mondo hot as well). And it was an amazing album, but for some reason it wasn’t a hit. Probably because CANADA was beating AMERICAN ass and Americans got jealous and stuff. YEAH. I’m bored, okay?

Anyway, the second observation to make is that Gordon Peterson does not look like this:

Also, he doesn't walk around Canada with a crow-bar

He also is not the chairman of Big Industries Ltd. And while there might be many big industries, the chairman we refer to is:

Not one of these two and definitely not a pig

So yes. Gordon Peterson is cool and even though he is fixated with the words Big and Hard, he will remain so.

Now, coming back to the song, here it is! Explained via picturez:

It is funny because I say so

Sun, I am disappoint :P

Okay. That is all for now. Mind the sinister implications, though, just after eddie vedder covered big hard sun, walk hard came out, featuring eddie vedder! OMFG! Yeah.

One day people will maul me for making them read this tripe, but for now, I am anonymous and happy.

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