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FerroSapienDeux- Detailed Ironman 2 Analysis Part 1

May 9, 2010

I have just watched the new Ironman movie. It is called Ironman 2. I will now post a detailed analysis of the movie, it may have spoilers, so you may not want to read it before having watched the movie.

The movie begins where the last one left off, with Anthony Stark announcing that he is Ironman. After which we glimpse our baddy, Ivan Vanko, played by Mickey Rourke. It is revealed, that the arc reactor technology was developed by Howard Stark and Anton Vanko, Anton Vanko being Ivan’s father. Now, Anton is dying and he says to his son, “That should be you” looking at the television screen.

Here, we see the first sign of something stupid in the movie. Tony Stark doesn’t become Ironman just because his dad built an arc reactor. He becomes Ironman so that he can escape from a random terror outfit and also not die. Which basically means that Ivan Vanko would have to be placed in similar circumstances, which are very possible in Russia, but unlikely. The second thing would be, of course, that Tony Stark thought of the idea of a miniature arc reactor to power his suit, not Anton or Ivan Vanko. The dialogue makes no sense, at all.

The second inaccuracy in the same scene is the number of tattoos and what-not on Ivan Vanko’s body. It is later revealed that he is a physicist, and though there is no law preventing a physicist from getting tattooed all over, they generally and preferably look like this:

But let us forget all of that, it is but a minor thing.

The film moves on, with Ivan Vanko building himself a nice suit and arc reactor thing by looking at plans that his father left him. He also randomly feeds his ‘burd’, which we will address later. The film moves on to USA and Tony Stark is dying. There is a lot of concentration on the him dying part. The obvious problem that I had with this, was that it is only the second movie. IT IS KIND OF OBVIOUS THEY AREN’T KILLING HIM OFF BEFORE THE AVENGERS DUH DUDE THAT TIME COULD HAVE BEEN SPENT BETTER BY HAVING HIM KICK SOME ASS OR SOMETHING.

Tony goes to Monaco and at Monaco, he races a car. Around this time, disguised as some maintenance/security guy, Ivan Vanko steps out on to the race-track walking with a bunch of maintenance people. He’s wearing a metal harness under his clothes, which no one worries about. It doesn’t show up in metal detectors and an event as huge as the Monaco GP does NOT at all check who is walking in and out as part of maintenance because terrorists only existed in the first Ironman movie. After which a very nice sequence follows where Tony reveals his new suit. This part is rather cool.

He beats up Vanko, who is taken into custody by the police. This is basically all that happens around this time. Tony and Pepper go back home, Pepper is kind of pissed off, Tony is acting weird because he is obviously going to die. After getting back everyone is going crazy because Vanko has developed a suit like the Ironman suit and it is a threat to national security. Things aren’t looking good for Tony. Some other movie stuff happens.

There is a birthday party, Tony gets drunk and other movie stuff happens. Meanwhile, Ivan Vanko busts out. Everyone thinks he is dead because they replace Ivan with some other guy, and since they don’t FINGER-PRINT Ivan or take samples or anything when they take him into custody, they normally assume that the dead body is the same as Ivan. Or preferably, the entire country’s police force as well as the Interpol is bribed because a Russian national with fake ID and extremely dangerous weapons is not actually checked. Either that, or he was in jail for picking someone’s pocket at the GP.

And steal couple vallets for good vodka and burd

After this, basically Tony is in a fix. He is very poisoned and will probably be dead in a bit of time. So he’s all sad about that and he’s feeling quite lonely. Around this time, after having lost an eye to some snakes on a plane, comes this guy who pumps him with lithium dioxide or some other randomly normal sounding compound of the same type. The randomly simple sounding compound counters the palladium poisoning and Tony gets a lot better. So far, so good. Tony then goes on to synthesize a random element that will power his new suit, using a particle accelerator that I presumed, he built, but my friend said he could have bought it and that is a possibility.

The problem, of course, is this, Tony knows what elements to synthesize and stuff, can he not easily figure out how to counteract palladium poisoning? Sure, maybe he can’t figure out an alternative energy source, but it does seem slightly stupid when you think about how he cannot figure out how to counter-act palladium poisoning using a simple compound. Maybe he just didn’t have the time to worry and WANT TO SAVE HIS OWN LIFE.

Another thing that was probably a bit hard to digest was Ivan Vanko’ s apparent expertise in EVERYTHING. Physics, computers, programming, mechanics, robotics and engineering and EVERYTHING. Why a man that talented would not be working for the USSR or for a BLOODY HUGE AMERICAN COMPANY is beyond me. But this does happen and he starts working for Hammer and builds robots and stuff. Then he attacks everything in sight at the Stark Expo.

Then there is a huge battle and stuff and Tony saves a lot of people and then Tony and War Machine fight a bunch of people and then they defeat Vanko and there are blasts everywhere, but everyone is safe, mostly and Tony and Pepper are all lovey-dovey and stuff. They have a small part related to the Avenger’s Initiative and stuff. The movie ends.

Not too many logical flaws, but then again, the few that are there, are quite horrible. Scarlett Johanssen is slightly cool in her role as the Black Widow. Robert Downey Jr. plays a very decent Ironman again, Pepper is good as is Don Cheadle in the role of Rhodey. What is good about the movie is the Avenger’s initiative that it will lead to. Otherwise, it is a very normal, fun-to-watch movie. Not boring.

There are many other aspects of the movie that I wanted to get into, but the post keeps growing longer and longer, hence I will continue in other posts as and when I think I want to.

In other whatever, a happy belated Star Wars Day. May the fourth be with you!

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  1. Justin permalink
    May 24, 2010 10:09 am

    No offence but a lot of your “analysis” is easily debunked if you actually pay attention to the film.

  2. May 24, 2010 11:30 am

    I did pay a lot of attention. But if you think that the points I have made can be debunked, I think you should debunk them instead of just saying they can be debunked. I’d be happy to say it was a flawless movie, if you can prove it to be so.

    • Justin permalink
      May 24, 2010 12:14 pm

      Well, the film isn’t flawless, nothing is; but if you think about it a bit more, the logical flaws you pointed out weren’t actually the flaws.

      I’m pretty sure their entry covered everything.

  3. May 24, 2010 1:13 pm

    I’m not sure I agree with most of the points that have been made. It might be only because I don’t want to, but then again, I do think that I have argued pretty well. I’ve countered the post. I may not have been polite, but I’m hoping no one minds too much. I rather liked tori-aiava’s post otherwise. I had fun reading it. I could not counter the first point, I never thought of the money legacy angle. I was only thinking of the super-hero being born angle. Anyway, I have countered it here:

    I thank you for your feed-back :)

  4. Snorter permalink
    May 25, 2010 10:11 am

    Did you wait for after end credits scene? They show Thor’s Hammer!

  5. May 25, 2010 10:14 am

    BEST SCENE IN THE MOVIE, THAT WAS! Very eagerly awaiting Thor :D

  6. D.W. permalink
    June 25, 2011 4:01 am

    I understand for your questions in science and the movie, but Physicist do those things you listed, computers, engineering, programming (hacking actually). As for the other concerned question of why he’s not working at a fancy company is also simple if you paid attention to the film; He’s a criminal his father didn’t deliver the arc reactor to the soviets so they cast him out and exile him and his son, forcing and abusing his son which lead Ivan a path.

    As for the movie, I enjoyed it the physics/engineering parts. Also enjoyed Ivan’s “sympathy” to Tony to let him know his father work on that Arc Reactor project.

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